June 19, 2009

Heeeyyyooo! So instead of waiting until this weekend to recount the wonderful week away, I am going to stay in on a Friday night (gasps around the world) to recount the goodness. (To be quite honest, at this point in my life a Friday night is equivalent to a Tuesday night. There is no night life in Gracias, and I have to be home by 9pm. When I move into my own place, I won’t have a curfew…but that won’t change the fact that there is no night life in Gracias.) Whatev, let’s get to it.

My trip to Comayagua from Tuesday until today was fulfilling, both figuratively and literally, and enjoyable. Figuratively speaking, I was able to catch up with a friend and fellow Business volunteer, work with the staff of the Escuela Taller in Comayagua to refine the stages/topics/filters of the incubator, and spend the night out of site in my own hotel room. (Unfortunately, I did not have the luxury of a bug-free bed, as I am currently nursing the aftermath of an attack on my arm from a spider…thinking about it more, maybe it really was the mother scaby getting her revenge on me for killing her babies.) I reconnected and reinforced a friendship, progressed with defining my objectives in the Vivero, and accomplished some personal goals (I got all my PC pics up on Facebook and caught up on the news on Aljazeera). Literally speaking, my meals were fabulous and free! (Nothing in this world is free, it seems, as my jeans don’t seem to fit me as well as they did before I left.) Regardless, I am happy to say that my edible indulgences included: a salad bar (even if it was at Pizza Hut), pancakes (ya, Pa), a doughnut (stuck that right in my back pocket, literally), Coronas (I know eyebrows are raised right now, it was a treat alright), Baskin Robbins Gold Medal Ribbon (ya, Bro), Frosted Mini Wheats (NOT cornflakes!), a Fuji apple (ya, Ma), and French toast (“when in Rome”). (I realize that it could be sad that I am even spending time talking about this. I will say what I always say: I am just happy to have food, whatever that may be. There are many who can’t say the same.) What did I enjoy most? (1) The lack of piropos thrown at me in the city (as it is home to a American military base and thus quite accustomed to foreigners); (2) The countless Beatles songs blasted on the car ride out with the director of the Escuela; and last but not least (3) The decision to get a puppy with Anna (the Health PCV in Gracias; she will be moving into a house with a yard) when she gets back from the states at the end of June. Holler.

Comayagua’s central park and cathedral

25 (yes, I counted) bites…1 for every year of my life…how nice

Bring on the weekend. Tomorrow I am running in the morning (needed as noted), checking back in with the doctor (pray for no more cream), and celebrating Bert’s birthday (the husband of the PCV couple in Wat/San from my training group) with pizza and cheesecake (so much for running). I have Sunday Skype dates with the fam, Pops, and Louise (Batman and Robin unite again!) as well as a tutor sesh.

Next week brings some new challenges. I am going to be working on defining the objectives and goals of the stages of the business curriculum, visiting OCH to figure out what happened to those grants I was supposed to review two weeks ago, seeking out the person in charge of the women’s office in the Mancomunidad to hopefully start working with a women’s group, and starting to get prepared to move (ya I know it's early, but I'm excited!). Next Sunday is the fun day…la cuarta urna!! I’ve mentioned that before, right? Ha. Stay tuned, folks. Life in Hondu is about to get real interesting…as if it wasn’t already.

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