June 15, 2009

What a week!! Let me be the first to tell you that scabies SUCKS. It is super annoying. Because of it, I did not sleep much during the nights and was thus forced to take some time off from work to nap during the days...ah well, I guess naps aren’t so bad. I also spent a solid eight to nine hours on the pila, rediscovered my love/need to practice yoga more frequently to combat internal and external frustrations, and came to appreciate the characteristic/virtue/skill of patience. (W O W. Ya. “And that’s all I have to say about that.” –Thank you, Mr. Gump.) The highlights of the week and weekend included watching the Honduras soccer game with friends while consuming a real cheeseburger, catching up on my Best of YouTube podcasts while the scabies lotion burned the creatures (and crap) out of me, and marking the date one month from now when I will be writing to you from MY VERY OWN apartment. (Thanks be to GOoDness for that last one!)

They knew we were coming

Supportin the locals: Kalin, Bert, and Vanessa

Lovin my sitemate: Me and Kalin

Wow, this is probably the shortest entry I will ever write. There should be some solid activity this week to make up for it. I will be going to Comayagua tomorrow until Friday afternoon to meet with the Escuela Taller (ET) and Vivero de Empresas staff there. We will be sharing the progress made in the Gracias incubator thus far in hopes of soliciting ideas, suggestions, and comments Comayagua incubator (which has supposedly been one of the most successful in the country thus far). Besides that, I will get to stay in a hotel (complete with a TV in-room and pool), not have to pay for anything (saving money is glorious in the life of a PCV), and (hopefully) get to check out the digs of the city c/o my PCV homie working for the Vivero there. Added bonuses: nights not in a bed of terror and another week closer to living in my own apartment. (Can you tell it’s time? Thank you SO MUCH to my family members who have dealt with/consoled/offered support to me throughout this week. It was so very much needed and appreciated!) Bring on the new week!

**A special shout out to Nick Clark for sending me a surprise package full of games and candy!! You rock my socks, man! I got it today. So solid! So appreciated! THANK YOU!**

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