March 9, 2009

Hey hey! Hope you enjoyed the postings! Like I said, many a sorry about the lack of pics. They really make the story. In time...LIKE NOW!

Anyway, wanted to let ya'll know that the weekend was fab (like the four oh!). On Saturday we had a Cultural Day at the training site (just like the good old days at St. Rose) where all of the instructors dressed in garb, prepared local food and beverages, and presented the history on the eight major pueblos of Honduras. Many of the trainees (including myself) had such a solid time enjoying the variety of tastes that our stomachs were screaming at us by that night. Regardless, it was good times all round, and I got to learn a bit more about my country (now, my home). Afterwards, a bunch of PCTs hit Valle to use the net, and now here we are (full circle).

The most adorable Hondurans I have encountered to date

Taste testing group: Me, Randy, Jen, Derrick, Harrison, Erika, Jill, and Karina

You know you’re a nerd when…

Sunday was DOPE. The family across the street owns a panadaría, and they taught about ten of the aspirantes how to make pineapple cookies (which are basically empanadas with a pineapple jelly filling) and what I have termed “double dough” (kind of like a sweet bread within another bread). The way that these pastries were made was the coolest part: by hand. That’s right, all of it. I am talking about from measuring the ingredients to stirring the dough (including eggs, milk, sugar, flour, etc.) to shaping the cookies (with those oh so cute ridges). You have not truly baked until you have stirred an egg by hand. So rad. After the messy sesh, we walked to another town, Santa Lucia, to check out the digs and the view of Teguc. The town was quaint but did have some solid paddle boats that I wish we had the time to hit up. Sunday night was filled with mucha tarea.

Tomorrow we are headed to Teguc in groups to figure out the local way of life. We need to check out the digs of the town, try to barter for fruits and veggies, and research the prices and quality of the local fare. We are also hitting the PC office for a tour and most likely scoring a Frosty from Wendy’s. That may sound lame to you but it sounds money to me. Hope you are all enjoying your milkshake. (From what I hear it brings the boys to the yard.) Hasta mañana.

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