March 5, 2009

Host cuz/personal stylist: Anna (Am I lookin like Nicki now or what?)

Well, hello there. It has been quite an intensive but enjoyable week thus far with activities ranging from intensive language training to a session on how to properly prepare food to an in-depth introduction to the Honduras Business Project. Check it.

(High five!) I found out that I have been ranked as an Intermediate Mid in my Spanish proficiency. That is the minimum level a PCT must attain to become a PCV! So basically, unless I do my best not to learn anything in the next 10 weeks while living/eating/breathing Spanish, I am golden. (That's a relief. Maybe I will be the next poster child, just like Michael Phelps...right?) The classes are actually quite fun and intimate. I am with three other trainees with a licensed instructor practicing everything from vocabulary to grammar to local phrases and contexts using dialogues, role plays, and presentations.

Zarabanda Spanish class: Jen, Randy, Instructora Liz, Me, and David

The food prep sesh was also fantastically rad. (You will understand why in a moment.) Hello, fruits and vegetables!! After learning how to properly prepare the food, all of the PCTs had a massive grub down as there seems to be a solid lack of fruits and vegetables in the daily Honduran diet. (Don't get me wrong. I normally get two bananas a day but still miss the sweet taste of strawberries daily. In addition, oranges here are a crap shoot, and apples are so ridiculously overpriced.) I wish I had pictures of this event, but it will instead have to remain a solid mental photo. (Just imagine how excited I used to get about my Raisin Bran in the morning.)

I just finished reading up on the Hondu Business Project and am a bit more informed of and encouraged with the potential for change. For the past several years, Honduras has been considered the third poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, behind Haiti and Nicaragua. Several issues have been the main causes of such impoverishment including Hurricane Mitch, civil society and social discontent over the political and economic status quo, and the recent global recession. The Business Program is currently working with community partners, local non-governmental organizations, host country agencies, etc. to address such issues by assisting in the development of the financial, information technology, and tourism sectors of the economy. Within these sectors and also participating in secondary projects are about twenty-five current PCVs. (The PC is planning to average about thirty to thirty-five PCVs over the next two years.) Although this situation seems dangerously dire with a limited level of response, I truly see that I have "my work cut out for me" here and am thus encouraged.

This bus has it work cut out for it…it is presently rolling down the hill

Besides the formal ish, I have continued to keep up with my runs three times a week and yoga twice a week following classes. I am happy, healthy, and living life the best I know how. Until next time, que le vaya bien.

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