The Dreaming Continues

It is amazing to me what you can learn about yourself
When you open up to the turmoil inside your head,
When you realize that you really live but only once,
And own up to the realities that many let go unsaid.

You learn that your dreams are to be chased to extremes
For fear of your life coming to an end potentially unsatisfied.
Conversely you learn that life is filled with unexpected results
And that fulfillment may only come from those dreams being tried.

What is a dream then if not completely realized as imagined
And so seriously prepared and considerably sacrificed for?
Is it awareness, understanding, disappointment, acceptance,
Or simply the closing of one and opening of another door?

My experience has taught me that pursuing your dreams –
Regardless of the outcome, the impact, or the change made –
Is an act worthwhile, though probably difficult and frightening at first,
Whose lessons and understandings should never be allowed to fade.

Life is short. It is true and something that you already knew,
But have you ever drastically changed your situation
To leave behind what you find comfortable and real
To risk gaining a broader and more defined realization?

I have.

I realize that fulfillment comes in forms that may be unrecognizable
And in ways that both distress and pacify the head and heart.
It is how we value such fulfillment and its impact on our being
That allow us to adequately determine a future start.

I have risked my life, in various aspects of the term, in 2009
To become a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras.
I now realize and appreciate that it is my time to move on,
Finally admitting to myself that I have reached allí, no más.

My departing wish is that all will hear my plea sounding until I die:
Be true to yourself, and follow your heart wherever your dreams may lie.
You may say that it is “easier said than done” and be scared to try,
But there is no need to be afraid to fall when you have so much hope to fly.

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  1. Ah Shan. A fine farewell indeed. Well said. You will be missed...but of course...never forgotten. One day...oh one day soon I will return to the land they call Cali...to visit and placticar...and enjoy the races at the Roseville speedway. Que le vaya muy bien mi amiga...cuidase.